About Us

Hi, we are iHappify.

We are a brand that believes in creating positive experiences for our client, through our nature of happiness and our sales service. We strongly believe in our core values that make the experience of our client’s journey a possibility.

We are an independent company that specializes in creating happiness and providing quality sales services for our clients. We strongly believe in our core values that allow us to successfully rub off our happy lifestyle to our clients and the people of South Africa

Who We Are

Established in 2017, iHappify is a brand that’s based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. We are passionate about expanding happiness and the development of South African youth through empowering educational solutions. We are young, flexible, reliable and dedicated to connecting the dots between our clients and their customers through excellent customer service and sales.

Our journey began as a formula that was put to test by our CEO. He ventured out to serve people with a smile, compassion and willingness to serve customers before him. That resulted in creating the value of satisfaction and positive reactions from customers resulting in them being happy. iHappify was then birthed with the same formula, to create a happy environment both for the employees and the clients, whilst delivering an excellent quality service.

We aligned ourselves with our 7 values which we call our 7 principles of happiness.

Choose Happiness and radiate it
Love with Your Soul
Replace fear-motivated behaviour with Love motivated behaviour
Live In Gratitude
Think Give
Be passionate and loyal