Our Vision

Our vision is to create happiness and change the mind-set of the people of South Africa, primarily the youth. We plan to rub off this lifestyle of happiness through our 3 development stages, which will allow us to empower the youth as well as assist them in creating a secure future through our sales services and company support.

Our 3 development stages are as follows:

Incubator phase

Our incubator phase is based upon the youth between the ages (18 – 26 years old). We have implemented this phase by employing youngsters whom are our current staff into our 2-year employment programme. We monitor their goals and aspirations, making sure that they achieve them by adding value to their lives as best as we can. After the 2 years they will have the wisdom and skill to be beneficial to society.

Educational phase

Our educational phase was inspired by the youth that is in pursuit to reach their goals, which is the age between (13 – 18 years old). We intend to assist them with their school subjects for example, maths and science lessons, giving them the best career advice, teaching and tutoring sessions by visiting schools in local townships and having a tutor on our premises, which will empower them to make their career choices much easier and motivate to them successfully reach their educational goals.

Home and Love phase

The last phase, the Home and Love phase, is based upon creating a home for kids that are orphans or that have been abused, which have no safe place to stay and cannot fend for themselves. These are the children between the ages of (1 -12 years old). We aim to purchase and build homes in higher LSM areas, like in the suburbs to assist the kids to grow up in a well secure and supportive community.