What We Do

We are an uncategorized company that utilizes the power of happiness to provide an advantage to our clients and customers. We are currently the resellers of Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and a development company that creates positive opportunities for the youth.


We have a team of promoters that are ever ready to attend any event to directly advertise any product that we resell. We go the extra mile to create a happy based environment so that we leave positive energy wherever we promote.

Call centre sales

Our call centre team focuses on identifying the value that we can add to our customers. Our agents are well trained to create a bond with the customers and make it easy to deliver satisfactory service.

Door-to-Door sales 

We have a driven field team that effectively goes out to various locations and knocks door-to-door delivering your product directly to the customers.

Customer Service Department

Our iClient team is one that builds meaningful relationships with clients and customers through effective problem-solving. We have a team that is ready to personally resolve issues and make sure that both the client and customers receive the best customer experience.

Quality Assurance 

We have an experienced and effective quality assurance team that focuses on verifying that each and every sale is authentic as well as maintaining a high level of quality with our services. The Quality Assurance team makes certain that our clients remain confident with our services